Ninja Spotlight – Artisans’ Workshop From Runescape

This month, the Ninjas have focused on the Artisans’ Workshop. They’ve taken a huge amount of feedback from the forums and social media, concentrating on the rewards and functions of the workshop, making a ton of changes based on your ideas and requests.

Using the workshop – especially making ceremonial swords – is now a much more pleasant experience, with brand new rewards including auto cannon filling!

Hero’s Welcome

The people of Rellekka will finally see the return of the legendary hero-turned-god V in a lore-tastic quest.

Rune Dragons

In this exciting new chapter in the Fremennik storyline, you will get to meet and greet with V, and then participate in a dangerous raid on a number of the dragonkin’s secret lairs. These raids feature stealth elements and puzzles as you track down your scaly targets. Make sure you’re all geared up as you take on dragon guards and even members of the dragonkin themselves!

The quest features a replayable boss fight which drops a new pair of thrown weapons and a tradeable, super-rare level 75 cape. You can also discover new resource locations when you are done – including more adamant dragons.

Summer Beach Party

Look out for some crazy stuff going on in the Lumbridge Crater this month – it’s the perfect antidote to the world-ending trauma that’s happening in the skies above us.

Reyna – a survivor of the Battle of Lumbridge – plans to turn the whole crater into an awesome, summer beach party, but she needs your help to do it.

Ferry buckets of sand to Reyna to receive mystery boxes full of great prizes, such as coconut hats, tortoises, sand capes and crab hats. Once the beach has been built, there is a huge party planned with a wide range of beach-themed events like a coconut shy, sandcastle building and barbecuing.

Lots of XP will be on offer, and some special portals giving you quick and easy access to your favourite D&Ds. There are also a bunch of special tradeable items you can earn or buy using your Bonds!

In Other News

In Solomon’s Store, there are two more bank boosters – free to members – and a set of overrides to match the Vitality Suit: a cape, two-handed sword, two-handed crossbow and staff.

There are also challenge gems that allow you to host your own competitions: staked or just for fun, for skilling or combat.

Treasure Hunter has some new headpiece add-ons for your skilling outfits, too.

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Treasure Hunter – Advanced Pulse Cores With Runescape

Get extra fast Runescape Gold XP and stacking XP buffs on Treasure Hunter this weekend with advanced pulse cores – bigger and better than before, with more direct benefit to you!
You’ll find advanced pulse cores aplenty on Treasure Hunter, from 00:00 UTC on 19th June to 23:59 UTC on 22nd June.

Once your stack of advanced pulse cores is equipped in your pocket slot, each core acts like a chunk of extra-fast Bonus XP – that means +150% XP in whatever skill you’re training, until depleted.

When a core depletes, it sets off a pulse wave, granting you and everyone in the surrounding area a 2% XP boost for 10 minutes, plus another benefit such as replenished prayer or life points, or stat boosts to several skill levels.

This can stack up to five times, for a maximum of 10% XP boost, and each pulse that affects a player will renew the 10 minute duration.

Please note:

Advanced pulse cores have an option to toggle off skills you don’t want to train.
You no longer need Accept Aid on to receive buffs from other players.
Advanced pulse cores also work in Dungeoneering.
Ironman accounts cannot receive the buffs.
Stock up on advanced pulse cores this weekend, and settle in for some truly excellent XP gains.

The RuneScape Team

What is Treasure Hunter?

Treasure Hunter is a minigame – playable from within RuneScape – where players use Keys to claim in-game items as prizes. These range from useful resources to rare weapons and exclusive gear.

Playing Treasure Hunter is simple – click the treasure chest icon that pops up when you log in. If you’ve not played before, just follow the on-screen guide.

Everyone gets at least one Key per day, and RuneScape members get two. You can earn more Keys while playing the game, or stock up by redeeming Bonds.

If you’d like more, you can also buy Keys on the website, or by clicking ‘Buy Keys’ within the Treasure Hunter interface in-game.

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Positive points demon factions property analysis

Let me talk first attribute points factions. Upright: L level is plus 1 point defense, 11:00 blood, add a little blood is blood plus 14-15, plus power by 3:00 to be 4/4/3, plus 1 min 5 hit, 2-3 to avoid. Xiepai: Anti-liter one is 1:00 9:00 Blood, add a little blood is 13-14 blood, increases the power by 3:00 to be 3/3/2, plus 1 min 4 hit 2-3 to avoid. Magic School: 1:00 liter as an anti 14:00, add a little blood is 15-16 blood, power by 3:00 to be 6/6/5, plus 1 min 3 of 6 hits avoided.

Well, I attribute points factions said a bit from attribute points is the best, the worst Xiepai magic school, but from the weaponry is the best school of magic Xiepai worst, decent are in the middle, there is the attack speed, evil is the fastest, down is magic.

But I found that I got a evil 8, add 25 power 12 min, the attack was 77, just out to get the weapon (double ax). 8 decency to take the same 99 novice sword attack. Magic send eight newcomers promise to take 133 attacks.

Also, take a different weapon attacks are not the same, magic gun attack a lot higher than the same level of take Xu attack. Evil, too, with a knife than a pair of high Tomahawk lot, you would have the same level of knife and gun attacks and Yue Xu higher than it was, but there is not much higher, but after the equipment go up against a lot worse, n is the same, to take the 13 knives and 13 to take the ax, even if you take the ax and take the knife attack 16 13 almost.

Magic and n are the same, there is the skills, basic skills are the same. 54 different skills in evil is the increase of female attack, is the yin, magic, male property defense, magic attack speed is home, the first change in the PK, and will not look at second, and basically look, who attribute attack or high property anti-high.

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Enhance the strength of fast or stroke

Want to quickly enhance their strength, there is also a move to support the following 11 years.

In equipment to develop, refine and equipment Rising Star, to enhance the property and equipment is relatively high, refining equipment only consumes money, so to earn enough money, you can give scouring the equipment; equipment needs Rising Star Rising Star gem, Rising Star gem divided into ordinary Rising Star Rising Star gems and exquisite, delicate Rising Star gem can improve the success rate of Rising Star, Rising Star so late, try to choose a fine Rising Star gems to rise. Two kinds of Rising Star gem can be obtained by digging spar, so whenever you have more delicate digging Rising Star, Rising Star can improve efficiency.

Astrolabe can enhance character attributes and maximum life, astrolabe long enough character level, you can open the star slot, inlaid star beads. Star beads are available through the trials redeem, after the completion of daily tasks, as much as possible to participate in the trials of war, war trials ahead of accumulated points to reach level after, the first time to exchange a star beads. Star beads in exchange, be sure to pay attention to the star beads Meets current insertion hole, otherwise it will be wasted Points Oh!

Partners also a way to enhance the role of fighting, the greater the effect more to the late, partners, major development partners with the owner after the owner of the property plus body lift. So in the early choice of the partner, the property is very important partners, qualification and other partners to choose higher, after selection, on-hook and other equipment used to feed the output of partners, enhance partner levels, of course, can also be worn with partners Character same equipment, which also can improve the property value partners.

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