World of Warcraft: Legion will be the current PvP honor system

With the upcoming expansion World of Warcraft: Legion will be the current PvP honor system remodel tidy. One does not want to discard only the PvP armor, but to introduce totally new PvP talents and motivation through cosmetic upgrades produce – whether that can be done?

Replacing the honor system

The honor system, as it is currently used in World of Warcraft, will disappear. Replaces it with a new level system, with which you can improve your PvP skills. Honor Points fill so – just like experience points – a progress indicator on. Depending on your new “PvP Level” get your new talent points that you can distribute it free on new skills. These skills work but explicitly only in PvP and PvE have no relevance!

Level 50 – and then?

Whoever has reached the level 50 PvP who can actually sit back and relax, because his pure power no longer grow from then on. All talents and preferences have been unlocked so far. But it would not be a MMORPG, so if the game would be over, right? Anyone who wants to can “promote” and thus can reset their own PvP level back to 1. Although this one loses the already learned PvP talent, but comes in the preference of some optical enhancements. Thus specific mounts can only get hold of if you rolled back a few times and the own character portrait is always impressive, the more you can go through this procedure. The team has planned further incentives, such as extra loot, gold and exclusive artifact skins to keep long-term PvPers at the bar and to reward them accordingly.

Disappearance of PvP gear

According to recent statements, there will be no Legion with pure PvP gear more! Conversely, this would indeed mean that it is the strongest armor in PvE, but even that has hitherto been denied. In general, the attribute differences are to be minimized in PvP. Currently a character with full high-end PvP gear is twice as strong as one who carries the beginner PvP armor. This gigantic benefits one wants to shrink and gives an example: A character who possesses the high-end equipment to raid, PvP only about 7% more than someone who has only just reached the maximum level. This is mainly done again by a sophisticated adjustment system of the character values, which raises weak armor and better clothes lowers to a normal level – small advantages but still provide good armor.

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Apparently I’m in the Beta


So I got home at the end of the summer to find out I was selected for the Warlords of Draenor Beta. Cool. Wish they had sent an email though. Not that I would have had the time to play any sooner.
So after a few false starts (lots of maintenance) I finally fired up the beta to find…myself overwhelmed. Keep in mind that I haven’t played really since summer of 2013, school and all that.
The first order of business was to check out that whole ore thing.There was like 400 of the new ore on the Auction House. And there wasn’t a buy out option. So, on that note, if anyone has any of the stuff laying around, I’m going to be trying to get my hands on some to do some number crunching, so if you want to help, drop me a line.
Next I went to check out these garrisons everyone has been raving about. Luckily when you start a character on a level 100 realm on the beta is plops you right there, nice and easy.

I probably laughed harder than I should have at “Garrison Ford” but it was late, everything is funnier past midnight.
By the looks of it they’re not all set up yet because right now Ford (the garrison supplier, not the drunken crack smoking tumour riddled mayor of Toronto) lets you cheat and just throws your first couple of upgrades at you, and gives you a bunch of free stuff.

I was a bit overwhelmed to be honest, this garrison is a lot more complicated than my farm back in Pandaria. I decided to not take a crack at it yet, I’m going to get some sleep now, and then poke around this whole beta thing this weekend.
Anyone have any suggestions or requests?


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The Sims 4 will Get Together in November

The Sims 4 will get its second expansion pack, titled Get Together, in November.

Get Together was revealed at EA’s Games conference, via both an utterly insane live-action trailer which you may have seen before, and a rather more sedate in-game trailer. And then the press conference randomly became a dance party. No, I’m not kidding.

Actual hard details are thin on the ground, but judging by the name and remarks made I’m going to guess that The Sims 4: Get Together will be all about socialising with other Sims outside of the household. It’ll add a new region called Windenberg (or Windenburg, or Wyndenberg, or… look, I don’t know how they’re spelling it), which has a classic European theme. Expect a fair bit of old architecture mixed in with the inevitable dance clubs.

You can see the new trailer below. The Sims 4: Get Together is due out this November.


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Blizzard reveals three new Heroes of the Storm

Heroes of the Storm is getting bigger and bigger, with three more heroes and a new battleground revealed.

The Eternal Conflict pseudo-expansion continues with some details on Kharazim the Monk, and the Infernal Shrines Battleground. That said, those thinking that Eternal Conflict meant we’d only be seeing Diablo-themed stuff for the foreseeable future might well be pleased to hear that Warcraft‘s Rexxar and StarCraft‘s Artanis have also been announced as forthcoming Heroes.

Kharazim is Diablo‘s first support Hero, and he’s got a couple of interesting twists. He’s melee-focused, but he can specialise in different paths by choosing one of three traits via his talents: Iron Fists for bonus attack damage, Transcendence for self-heals through melee combat, or Insight for mana restoration and a bit of a balance between offense and defense.

Infernal Shrines is a three-lane Diablo-themed map, using the same heaven/hell tileset as the previous one. This map contains three shrines that periodically gather power; when powered up, teams can activate shrines and defeat their guardians in order to summon a Punisher. Punishers are powerful boss monsters that push down lanes and hunt nearby enemy heroes, and they spawn with one of three affixes that Diablo fans will know all too well: Frozen, Arcane, or Mortar.

In “not Eternal Conflict” news, Warcraft‘s beastmaster Rexxar has been announced as a forthcoming Hero. Rexxar is a ranged warrior who’ll head into battle alongside his bear, Misha, who can harass enemies, take damage, and stun foes with a targeted charge.

Finally, Protoss leader Artanis has been revealed as another future Hero. He’s a melee warrior, and that’s basically all I know about him. Hooray!

We’ll apparently be hearing more about all of this new Heroes of the Storm content during Blizzard’s Gamescom livestream on Friday. For now, you can see a couple of new videos and a load of new screenshots below.


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