You don’t have to wait until Halloween for RIFT to break out the heebie-jeebies, as its Waking Nightmares update went live yesterday, though it was not without its problems. A number of issues caused multiple outages yesterday, including a guild bug and unrelated exploits that caused Trion to keep the servers down most of the afternoon and evening.

Community Manager Ocho promised players compensation for the downtime: “As a thank you, from the time RIFT is again available we’ll turn on 50% Bonus Experience (including PA Experience), Favor, and Prestige through Sunday July 19 at 11:59 PM Pacific.”
Patch 3.3 represents a wealth of content that could keep RIFT players busy over the remainder of the summer. It includes Act One of the nightmare saga questline, planar crafting rifts, a Tarken Glacier instant adventure, wardrobe enhancements, and an introductory version of the Gilded Prophecy sliver. Another nice change is that souls can be reset within the soul tree window, offering instant convenience to build modifications.

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