Keeping Busy in Minecraft


Progression through The Dark Trilogy is going well so far. A workshop has been set up and in my quieter times I work on my ‘home’ which is compromised of Crayfish house items, like a fridge, microwave, television, shower, and washing machine.

Meanwhile, we’re busy gathering supplies for a few things. We want a quarry so that we spend less time mining and more time adventuring. That requires.. a lot of stuff. So much stuff. I also want to create two magnum torches in order to reduce the mob spawns around the base, each torch works in a 64 tile radius. The recipe for that particular item has changed, and now it requires quadruple and triple compressed cobblestone. That’s a LOT of cobblestone. Each quadruple is over 6 thousand. I think the hardest part of the old model was obtaining the blaze rod. On that note, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the nether. Found a fortress, found a blaze spawner. Spent some time collecting rods because they’re needed for other things.

I noticed that animals were having a hard time climbing the mountain up to the base, so I created a few safari nets and brought some back home. Now I’m breeding horses, along with reindeer from the twilight forest. Also brought back some rams that are multiple colours since I don’t have the force mod that let me create shears that would provide multiple colours. These rams are my sheep, providing wool.

There’s some farming taking place lately. Cactus is rare, so we’re growing some of that along with wheat and barely to keep my animals happy. Then there’s an apiary going on because in order to create the quarry we need a lot of other things and apparently bees are just part of that giant ecosystem.

It’s interesting, and certainly works for long-term game play which is something that I’m quite pleased about.

I also took a walk to the twilight forest and found this beautiful castle.

I think it belongs to the Lich, which is the boss of the twilight forest, but as I was exploring I happened to come across a second castle, exactly like this one. I have no idea if there are more than one, and I wasn’t really prepared to find out. The zone is beautiful, although skeletons and zombie have made their way over because they keep walking through my portals. I’ve since put a fence around both the Nether portal, and the Twilight portal. Nothing makes me jump out of my chair faster than porting over to the nether only to be swarmed by pigmen along with zombies and spiders.

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What Do you Need in a Deed?


I’ve owned more than my fair share of deeds in Wurm Online over the years, and there are some very specific things I look for when it comes to setting up a new one. Some things you want to keep in mind for a generic deed include how far away clay is, what about tar, or peat. Clay is typically the more important of those three, but if you can be in proximity to all the natural resources you might need, that’s obviously better. What about mining, is your deed low to water? That could create an issue with mines being under water once you open one. You’ll want to make sure that you can mine above the water level. How much work do you want to put into your deed? This will depend on your play style. Some of my alliance members are incredibly ambitious and have designed a deed right into the face of a mountain side, where as others (like myself) prefer a less intensive design.

What interests do you have? This will help decide what sort of deed you’ll want to create. Do you want to spend a lot of time working on your farm fields? Tending to animals? Maybe you want to be a hermit who lives inside of a mountain most days – or maybe you want to spend the majority of your time exploring, so becoming a villager in another town is best, that way you have a bed to come home to but you don’t have to worry about building a deed from scratch.

How is your fight skill? Are you going to need to hire a guard for those first few days or can you hold your own? What about a guard tower? How close do you want to be to other players, or to an active market? Do you want to start building ships? Thanks to ship transports being near to water isn’t quite as important as it once was, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Some of these things you may not even realize you’re taking into consideration when placing a deed, but you do on a subconscious level. Of course how the area looks is pretty important too. Do you want to live in the middle of a forest, or way up on a mountain cliff? Take the time to find the right deed for you, there’s so many areas to explore and there’s no need to settle down at the first place you tumble into (unless of course it is the perfect spot for you).

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