Skyforge celebrate the first anniversary of a new event

Allods team announced today that the popular MMORPG game Skyforge is about to celebrate its first anniversary, today released information team celebrations and the new content of the plan. Skyforge server launched July 16, 2015 for the first time disclosed, and will soon mark the date with a series of exciting events and activities, including gifts and a new trailer.

The new trailer highlighting the achievements within the community, since the game launched in 2015, including team collected some interesting statistics and facts. See the new trailer below:

New events include incentives login, unique costumes and new glider installation.

The new logon events: when they log into the game, players get more and more until the end of the celebration a wonderful gift. Gifts range from advanced game time, the first day of the title, the fifth day of official looking armor.
Interactive panorama of the sky filled with a melting pot of facts: the player offers a unique clothing and glider after successful installation instructions found on the website Panorama.
Birthday Bundling: From July 13 to 27, we will provide the previously released various collections for 10% discount.

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Pre-Alpha v.0.2.2 Update For Gloria Victis

Gloria Victis received its latest update on the Pre-Alpha journey today as update v.0.2.2 welcomes an exciting array of changes and improvements to many of the upcoming MMORPG’s most popular elements. Among the more noteworthy aspects of the update are improvements to the in-game territory control system that has undergone many minor improvements alongside the addition of destroyable gates for strongholds and new defensive options with pots of boiling oil. Furthermore the team made adjustments to the item durability and repair system, an addition made possible by current donators backing the game voting on the official forums.

Other elements of the v.0.2.2 update can be seen below:


– Implemented gates which can be opened only by the players from a nation controlling certain location – players from enemy nation have to destroy it first
– Implemented pots with boiling oil set on the walls of towns and outposts
– Implemented knife damage modifier based on character’s dexterity
– Modified items durability and repair mechanics, basing on the results of a Community poll; implemented a solution proposed by many of our players – durability threshold, after which items statistics are decreasing to the preset minimal value; for testing purposes we applied 50% durability threshold and statistics decrease down to 50% of initial value when durability is 0
– Reworked the party system
– Placed 25 new NPC enemies on the map
– Added four new pieces of music
– Added new game languages – Portugal, Brazilian, Swedish, French, Hebrew


– Implemented a new launcher version, allowing to download the game files from a mirror located in North America
– Fixed bug related to displaying the alternative materials in crafting window
– Fixed bug from the latest version, causing FPS drops in towns at night


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Enjoy EverQuest II’s Highest Points With New Time-Locked Expansion Servers

Daybreak Game Studio today announced an exciting new chapter in the ever exciting saga surrounding the award-winning EverQuest II with the upcoming introduction of “time-locked progression servers” catering to both PvE and PvP audiences. Both options however will be limited to All Access Members only.

So exactly what does “time-locked progression servers” mean for you? At the moment servers are locked to the current state of the game client itself. A specific content update or expansion, and this same state is shared across all servers with additional content added over time. The new system will see specific servers locked to previous states of EverQuest II, allowing fans to return to a time where they felt the game was at its finest. The potential for further updates or expansions will lie with the community of that particular server.

The first opportunity for players to test this new system is already underway as a voting poll has opened and will run through until June 23rd. For more information check out the link below.


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