Runescape Skillcape Should Power Up


Runescape Gold players really have many ideas for better gameplay. They suffered many bugs during their adventures and have more to improve. This is the thought when using a skillcape to boost skills.
Usually, the skill just be boosted by 1 level, that skill should be boosted to the level that your experience warrants. For instance, if you had enough experience for 113 attack, and you wore the boost command on your attack cape, your attack skill should be boosted to level 113.
If you have enough experience for 120 fishing and you use your fishing cape boost, you should get boosted to 120. It would be like the ability for a player to reflect their true potential and power up momentarily.
It also offers a certain strategic element to the game, like in combat, a player can choose to boost magic, defence, etc. depending on their cape.
For multiskillcapes, boosts are halved, allowing all skills boosted by the cape to be boosted to 110 when a skill is at 120. Support for non-combat skills to get boosted. However not sure about combat it could defeat the purpose of overloads. Maybe the boost can only be done once a day for an hour.
The idea of this suggestion is to make use of all that extra experience to show our true skills.
Hope you can support this thoughts in Runescape. Also you can make further suggestion for this.

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