E3 News: One World Tanks XBOX launch

In their various dens, the wolves and bears waited out the storms, one with the comfort of their pack, the other solitary and resigned. Whatever their hunger, nothing would drive them forth until after the keening wind had ceased its weeping and the blinding snow had worn itself out.
Ready to go to the Xbox One and tanks has announced the official release date of the world. Free play of tank warfare simulator July 28 will open the door to Xbox a player base. With all existing game modes, Xbox version of the game will also launch the “testing ground” in PvE mode. This mode allows players to join AI opponents beat 4 scene last “boss battle” for the E-100’s ending.

The Xbox a player can also start a war any friends to play with their Xbox 360 version of the game World of Tanks will support cross console game between the two consoles.

You can download the game on July 10 in the run July 11 and 12, then you will have to wait until the 28th to jump back to live a short beta play.

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